Master of Arts Student Information

The Master of Arts Student Portfolio Checklist

As an incoming student, you should begin compiling a portfolio of your graduate career. The portfolio should reflect your own statement of goals as well as the program statement of goals. It will enhance your work in the program by helping you recognize your accomplishments and will be useful in the future when you apply for jobs or further study. The M.A. Student Portfolio Checklist is intended to guide you through the creation of this portfolio.

Download Master of Arts Student Portfolio Check List (pdf)

Comprehensive Oral Examination CWL 896 (Directed Reading)

One option for your Culminating Experience is to take an oral exam, for which you prepare by taking CWL 896, Directed Reading, with the chair of your oral exam committee. On this page, you will find details about the Comprehensive Oral Examination.

Master of Arts Reading List

Students enrolled in CWL 896 (Directed Reading) must select and read thirty works from a list of core works. On this page, you can access information about these requirements as well as the list of core works among which students can select their readings.