Program Requirements

Foreign Literature Requirement (9 units)

Graduate seminars (courses numbered 700 and higher) in a single foreign literature, 9 units

Note: "Foreign Literature" means a literature and language other than the student's native language; e.g., a native speaker of Japanese must complete seminars in a literature other than Japanese.  English may count as the foreign literature for non-native speakers of English.

Program Electives (6 units)

Upper-division or graduate courses other than that of the Foreign Literature Requirement.  Electives can include courses in English literature, Comparative Literature, Humanities, a second foreign literature read in the original language or in translation, or courses in pedagogy (e.g., courses for the Certificate in the Teaching of Composition), 6 units.

Minimum Total Units For Master of Arts (30 units)

In addition all students must complete a portfolio in accordance with Department guidelines.

Comprehensive Oral Examination

Upon completion of course work, the student not writing a thesis must pass a comprehensive oral examination administered by a committee of at least two faculty members based on the current Departmental reading list and additional authors selected by the student as a Specialty Area, in consultation with the examination committee chairperson.

Master's Thesis and Prospectus

A written and oral presentation of the thesis prospectus is required before the writing of the thesis. The student's committee of a minimum of two faculty members must approve the prospectus.

Written English Proficiency Requirement

Level One

Satisfactory performance on a substantial research paper presented in the student's first departmental graduate seminar, as determined by the instructor in consultation with the Comparative Literature Graduate Committee. If any deficiency is found, the student may be required to take remedial course work and to resubmit the research paper to the instructor and Committee.

Level Two

Satisfactory completion of a M.A. thesis or a seminar paper from the final CWL seminar, if student chooses the oral examination as the culminating experience.