Minoring in Comparative and World Literature (CWL)

Total Minimum Units for the Minor: 24 Units (for Bulletin year 2015/2016 and earlier)

The new Major and MInor requirements, taking effect in Fall 2016, can be found here (pdf).

Core Courses: 9 Units

These two courses must involve comparison of literary texts from more than one national/linguistic tradition. For example, CWL 420, Studies in Comparative Literature; CWL 430, Heroic Tales of the Mediterranean.

One of these courses may be an appropriate lower-division CWL course. For example, CWL 230, Introduction to World Literature; CWL 250, Fables and Tales; CWL 260, Myths of the World.

You are not required to learn a foreign language for the minor.

Program Electives: 15 units

In consultation with departmental advisers, students select upper-division literature courses that combine a sense of the historical, linguistic, and critical breadth of literary studies with a student-defined area of focus that fits within the general discipline of comparative literature.

Please note that up to 6 units maximum, in lower-division CWL courses only, may be used toward the total units. All other courses must be upper-division courses.