CWL Graduate Students

Jeffrey Achierno

Erick Baldwin

Alexa Barger












Alexa Barger is in her first year of graduate study at SFSU. She works with literatures in English, French, Italian, and Spanish, with an emphasis on contemporary novels and non-fiction prose. Her research interests include global feminist theory and women's writing, literary representations of immigration, exile, and belonging, and digital humanities.

Scott Campbell

Yildiz Dirmit

Raghda Eldessouky

Raghda is in her 2nd year of Graduate study at SFSU.  She has an MA degree in English Literature from Ain Shams University, Egypt.  Her thesis title was “Orientalism and Occidentalism in Tariq Ali’s Islam Quartet”.  She works on Arabic, English and French literature with special interest in works written by female Arab writers.  Her research interests are postcolonial feminist literature, narrative theory, along with languages, culture and literature in translation.

Ann Galvan

Bita Gholamali

Pei He

Emily Hollocks

Rachel Filippetti Hunter


Rachel is in her 2nd year of graduate study at SFSU. She works on French and English literature with a special interest in the U.S. South, Francophone literature, post-colonial studies, and ecocriticism. She is also interested in Feminist theory and literature relating to motherhood, childbirth, and domesticity.

Marisa Jimison

Paige Kiehl
















Paige is a first year MA student studying at SFSU. She works on Spanish and English literature with a focus on the representation of female archetypes, hybrid landscapes and identities, and borderland narratives in the Americas. She is also interested in feminist literature, trauma and healing, and translation theory.

Megan Kwong

Sophie Labaree

Jessica Mejia

Jessica is a second year MA student studying in Spanish and English, and a 2017-2018 California Pre-Doctoral Scholar. She focuses on late 20th century prose and poetry of the Americas, and her additional interests include studies in literary value, translation, poetics, and resistance literature. Jessica is also a poet and frequently organizes literary events in the Mission district. Her poetry explores the transformative nature of the family unit, music as an element in trauma and healing, and the Salvadoran diaspora.

Delia Moreno

Karen Peña

Karen Peña is a part of the Comparative Literature M.A. cohort of 2018 and is sitting President of the Comparative Literature Student Association. She studies Spanish and English literary traditions with an emphasis on the literature of the Americas. Her research interests include resistance literature of the 20th and 21st century, testimonio, metafiction, and confessionals, as well as writing center theory pedagogy, ecocriticism, narrative, feminist, and queer theory. Karen also works as a writing, reading, and study skills tutor at the Campus Academic Resource Program, which is a free, student-led, tutoring center specializing in inclusive pedagogy. During the Spring Semester of 2019, Karen will be the instructor of record for one section of a lower division literature class she calls “Trapped in Literature.

Ederlyn Peralta

Ederlyn Peralta is a current graduate student in the M.A. Comparative Literature Program. Her languages are English and Japanese.  Her research interests include classical Japanese poetry, medieval love lyrics, 20th to 21st-century literature, issues on romance and love in literature, cosmology/astronomy, popular culture and media, and digital literature. In her spare time, Ederlyn does freelance writing and editing.

Yasamin Salari

Christopher Sheehan

Aleksey Tsukanov

Javier Villafuerte















Javier Villafuerte is a first year M.A. student in CWL that works with literatures in Spanish, English, and, at times, Italian. He is interested in historical fiction produced in the late 20th and early 21st centuries by Latin American and Latinx writers in both Spanish and English and the relationship between historical fiction and historiography. He is particularly interested in the relationships between the Mexico, Central America, and the United States and how they are represented in fiction.

Laura Williamson





















My literary interests are still quite broad, but I am currently enjoying exploring post-colonial texts as well as literature of migration and diaspora. With French and Spanish as my foreign languages, I am particularly drawn to Francophone and Hispanic traditions, and I have recently discovered Caribbean immigrant narratives. This semester I have had the opportunity to work as a Graduate Teaching Associate on the FR101 course (beginner’s French).